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Re: Sam’s Dictapedia

In response to Sam’s post.

First of all, as discussed on Skype today with Sam and Stan, Liquid Server can be expanded to do some of this. I have emailed the following to the original developer, Tobias, to see what it would cost to do it this way:



First would be the general cleanup of the issue that the mouse over the menu items (nothing visual happens for MO) and creating a new account needs to work, not solid now.


User Interaction:

• User selects text on blog.
• Liquid list comes up. Top level includes: Glossary. Sub menu is names of any person on this wordpress site which has written a glossary definition for this word. (If no-one, then this menu item will not appear at all.)
• User choses a persons name and is presented with the text of the definition in the normal Liquid window.
• Top left in the window, where the name of the site would be, appears the name of the author of this definition. Click to open that persons glossary definition post.


• The possible list of definitions are from those authorised to be a writer on the wordpress blog.
• This means the system needs to have an index of all the definitions so that the menu can be grown dynamically (on page load I suggest).
• Results are shown as in current prototype.

How to create a Definition:

Data comes from the wordpress site itself: User posts the subject in the format: “Definition: Word” (non-case sensitive).

The body then becomes the glossary entry.





Other Issues


The above system is quite old and I never really manage to get it off the ground. It was co-developed by Fleur and Rob, back in the day.

Concerns about developing it now is that it’s for one platform only, I’d like to be part of a Liquid system, which is faster and works in all apps, but I appreciate that now all KF members are OS X users :-)



We could also look at how Wordnik scrapes for definitions, learning them automatically.

oh, this is an area ripe for innovation….


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  1. Sarah Verwei

    very inspiring the the Liquid Space that Sam is sharing :)

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