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I was thinking about long, long term preservation.

I was thinking about how to store something til the end of time. Not the meaning of something, just something, like my son’s name. I thought about winding it in atoms and of course that makes no sense. I then thought about what someone would have to do to preserve something through the Big Bang and that would have to be something ‘written into’ the laws of our universe. The anthropic principal perhaps. Maybe we are a continuing thought and memory of someone’s son? Maybe we are a sad and beautiful cosmic Taj Mahal?

Then I thought that maybe the point of the universe is to become aware of itself? Maybe that’s as deep in the fabric of existence as the laws of physics which gave rise to our awareness, maybe it’s not a side effect?

What else might this cosmic seed of the Big Bang bring to our universe from nature? Maybe, like a tiny oak acorn it is built into the structure of the universe that live and the potential for consciousness will be spread out far, as to not interfere for resources until we are at a certain maturity and stature? Maybe our local supercluster Laniakea is a river of nutrients for us to connect to other mature civilisations when we are ready for them and they for us?

What about cosmic expansion, what about the cosmological event horizon making the distances between these seeds ever larger, giving us a limited envelope to which to make contact?

Then I look at Trump and Brexit and populism informed by enemies who will win by simply sowing discontent and division and breathe heavily. I then look at the evolution of our species and how we are now at a point where we will have to developer the means through which we can augment everyone in how we deal with information, otherwise ignorance and fear will snuff out the light of curiosity and compassion. Funnily enough, I then look at the prevalence of pornography which has turned age old taboos used to keep ‘the population’ in check into a big nothing. Same with gay rights. Our basic reproductive systems and the drives around them seem to have gotten to a point of maturity in society same as that for a middle age person, such as I see in myself. All this stuff which was so exciting and subversive when I was young now strikes me as curious and cute.

Violence is of course another drive we have which needs to be ‘matured past’, not pretended by those who are fortunate enough to not suffer to be an ancient vestige we simply should drop. I think violence in media (much of which is too strong for me to watch) and in video games is taking us into that era, the era of violence being recreational and letting us get our anger-kicks without hurt. I know, this is over-simplifying, but I think there is something there.

What I am less sure about is how to deal with politicians. Successful politicians are good at being politicians, above all, yet in many democracies then are put in charge of education one cycle, then environment and maybe industry, or whatever the political winds blow them to, not where they are most apt to do a great job. Same as being a world class dancer, coder, musician, sculptor or entrepreneur being great at that one craft, so are politicians. How can we let them really be politicians and have this be more of a benefit to society? Where can we get their politicking done, their sense to power, same as people’s sense to sex and sense to violence, sated, while still employing their politics for good and useful purposes?

I hope we can get past that step. I was born in Norway so I have ‘rights’ and I ‘own’ and I am ‘a part of’ a heritage going back to viking times and beyond and up to the very frozen north in Norway, purely because of the geographic and temporal situation of my birth. This makes little sense to me. Same as we cannot simply open all borders or instantly confer ‘actual’ equal rights to everyone at once, we must embark on a path of unity as a species where my Norwegianess is a point of colour not of complete identity. This planet is too small for us to think small.

I want my son to be part of the Hamiltonian ideal of a strong collective, but on a global level, where everyone has ownership and everyone has responsibility. It’s a lot to wish for but unless we strive towards this light, the sons of our sons and the daughters of our daughters and their descendants will not bloom towards our cosmic relatives, they will wither on hot rock, a satellite to an average sun just burning its life to give us live, but in the end the light will fall on barren soil. We open our eyes and minds to light. We close our eyes to darkness. What we choose to see and how we choose to accept how we have developed over countless generations and how we choose to live decides whether we will be able to ascend to the level where we seed the next cosmos with love and wisdom, hopefully providing a gentler upbringing than what we had as a species.

Among the first things we must do is to develop richer means of communicating with eachother and our own minds.

Some believe in AI but I believe we should augment our own minds.

Some believe in images and video and I say we should also go beyond natural images and develop ever more sophisticated visual languages in text with richness of interaction beyond anything we can imagine today, but build it with the tools of what we have and what we understand today, then learn from what we build and build again.

I believe that to augment our minds we must augment our text.

I believe this is of vital importance alongside a myriad other improvements but text is currently mostly the invisible infrastructure we don’t pay attention to.

Here is my son, the wonder boy careening down the hill and watching The Black Eyed Peas ‘where is the love’ for Joe Biden. Here is my son, here is his beauty and wonder, here is the reason we must reach for the stars.

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