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‘Why is editing documents important?’

Last updated on October 9, 2018

I was asked on Quora: “Why is editing documents important?” and wrote this:

That depends very much on the type of document you are editing. If you are talking about a document which is to have a degree of value, not simply a record of something mundane, editing becomes important since editing is thinking.

The act of writing is simply a transcription of the flow of your consciousness which writing makes visible, and if you use your digital writing space wisely, non-linear. Editing then becomes the act of making the flow a coherent presentation which is much harder than simply writing what was on your mind.

Since your consciousness cannot handle much information but your eyes can rapidly take in and ‘map’ a large amount of information, you could say that you are using your occipital lobe to augment the mental process of your prefrontal cortex.

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