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PDF Reader Concept

Last updated on December 16, 2016

Having been struggling with the Literature Review process I came up with this small project, which I may end up implementing, to help with the PDF reading Literature Review process:


Liquid | Reader

pdf reader and annotator for or macOS for PhD Researchers
Use Liquid | Author code and style as the basis for the project, copying as much basic functionality along as is feasible.

Annotating Text

•  Select text to highlight and unless there is an action performed on it within 1 second (such as copy or Liquid | Flow), the selection turns into an annotation automatically, going yellow. The duration can be changed in Preferences.
•  To Undo the annotation simply select the text again and the reverse happens.
•  (second phase of implementation) To add notes to the annotation, the user should simply start typing after selecting the text and a dialog appears, centre of screen, with your typed text, as fast as the system can produce it. Whatever character was typed first will be copied in to the dialog as well, so the experience is seamless. Same visual design box as the Notes dialog in Author.

Finding Annotated text

•  Pinch to collapse the document to only see annotated text. It is similar to the result of pinch in Author, except here there are no Headings, only annotations. In Author, when we implement annotations, the pinch command will show Headings as well as the users annotations.
•  Pinch back to return to normal view
•  Click on text to jump to that section
•  (please give separate costing for this feature) Cmd-f in Annotation view searches the annotations only. Cmd-f in regular view searches document and shows results in the same was as Author

Visual Style

Use code and visual design from Author for this project for the annotation view (show PDF as-is, but use #fdde7e as the yellow for highlighting). The visual style of the text should be the same as default Author style (Read mode) and should have the same option in Preferences to change. The display of the collapsed view showing only annotated text should have “quotes” around it and if the user added text it should be after the selected text, after – such as:

“This is selected text in the document” – And this is the comment the user wrote.

“This is selected text in the document. This quote is quite a bit longer though with more words so we can see what that looks like. Another sentence is here” – And this is the comment the user wrote.

“This is also a bit of selected text but is has no writing from the user after it”

As you can see above, there is an empty line between each entry, just as we have in Author when showing results of keyword search.

Copying Text

(second phase of implementation) Copying text and going into another application will include all the date for Citation, as done for Author from Liquid | Flow now. This means that the document must know what it is, so on opening the user might have to be asked to: “Select the title of this document” so that the system can look up the citation information from Mendely or other service.


(second phase of implementation) On MacOS the annotated text (only) will be made available for Spotlight searching.


Select text and Liquid | Flow can work, since this application will support macOS Services. Other PDF readers do not now.

Other commands: Spacebar on selected text for text to speech.

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