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Simplifying notes on PDF Journal

Ramblings from my notes, unedited.

Simplified editions.

There are issues with how previously annotated pages m

How about we separate: Search all open documents and a mechanism to see if there is a new version. Or simply new pages to append.

It would be great to search volume 1 and 2 of The Future of Text for example. User opens both. Selects text and cmd-shift-f for example.

Visual-Meta specifies journal name and at least 1 download location. Checks every hour to see if new pages. If editor has uploaded

Journal is a PDF which has a URL for downloading new articles/pages. This will be in the header of the Visual-Meta. No appending will be done, they will simply be downloaded into a folder on the user’s system, ideally a folder in their library with the name of the Journal, which the system should create if it is not there.

The mechanics should be on publishing what happens is a PDF is produced and put on a WordPress blog, which we should be able to do right? Text of blog post should be the start of the PDF document text. This way people can subscribe to the RSS feed right? Then Reader needs to have a way to access this. First of all, on opening a Journal PDF, a button should appear, I suggest top right hand corner of document, with ‘Subscribe to Journal’ and if clicked the RSS feed will be checked.

Citations between PDFs in the journal should allow for click-to-open the cited PDF. Ideally, any Visual-Meta PDF should be citable to open with a click, but at least the ones in the same journal should work, assuming the cited document is in the same directory or one level up (which would be the user’s Library).

So then we come to the issue of Find/Names/Glossary Terms views. If more than one document is open, the Find etc. functions should search all the open documents (or special keyboard shortcut for all documents rather than simply the one in focus). Results.

When user performs a Find, how about TAB to Find exactly same text in next document!

How about not ‘binding’ or compiling or doing anything like that, but letting the user still easily and quickly search across multiple documents in a way where there is not too much result on screen: When user performs a Find, how about if the user then hits ‘TAB’ the same text will be searched for in the next document? This way the user can cmd-f on selected text, view the results and ‘TAB’ to perform the same Find in the next document (I suggest all in full screen or not, depending on the first document), then ‘TAB’ again to Find in the next document a so on. What do you think?

So the next issue is then the one of distribution. I am not as stressed by auto delivery as I was, but I am much more concerned with click-on-citation-to-open-document. Can we, in our Visual-Meta universe, allow a user to select text in a Visual-Meta PDF, copy, and have the page along with the rest of the VM when pasted, include the document name? If so, then, as long as the user does not change the document name (or we scan the PDF’s Visual-Meta and use their VM-ID), the produced PDF can have this information so that if a further PDF is made and a user clicks on that citation, if they have the document (in the same directory or one level higher, since that might be a journal in a folder inside a library), that document can be opened, and opened to that page?

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