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Tool Augmentation New Years Wish (wish 3/4)

Many Ways

There are many aspects of our life and work we need to address, including education, economics, business, work, politics, religion, culture, media, technology and so on.

Mental Ways

This particular article addresses one of the more intimate aspects of our being: How we extend our reach into the information in the world, how we extend our ability to grasp the intention of others and how we can deepen our understanding of what is in our own minds.

Tool Augmented Ways

We rightly decry the pervasive impact social media has over our lives; both in terms of sucking faces into small rectangles as opposed to looking up and around the room and interacting directly with those we are with, and the data-measured surveillance and impact ‘fake news’ have on our democratic process. Yet there is little outpouring of improved information tools of systems, simply a meek and futile knee-jerk response to call for less of it.

I take the position that the tools we use to think with will either constrain our expand our thinking–our ability to find, grasp and communicate information. I find this truth to be pretty self-evident by now.

Therefore it also seems clear that the development of our tools for thought require one of our greatest investments in time, attention and other resources.

If we want to improve our ‘intelligence’
(ability to acquire and apply knowledge),
we need to to improve our ‘intelligence’
(information sources and the means through which we interact with them).

In the Room. In our Minds

We cannot be in the room when someone reacts to political spin, weaponised social media, fake news, a misleading academic document or a false company report, nor can we teach every one how to analyse every one of these media and every one of these posts and reports–though we must try–but we can build increasingly powerful interactions for these people to not be satisfied with the one presentation they are given and make it effortless for them to follow any spark of curiosity to see the information in a different way or a different context.

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