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Digital Citations

Digital Citations are not the same as analog citations and not the same as links. Hyperlinks in the web implementation, have their drawbacks in that they are brittle: If the domain name is not paid for or if the server(s) go down, that’s the end of that. Citations lack digital convenience and connectivity. What would be useful of course, would be citations with the robustness of analog citations with the power of hyperlinks.

The system described here is based around PDF documents, not web pages, since an important aspect of citations is to be able to point to an expressed, published thought, not to try to point to a potentially moving target, plus PDFs are the lingua franca of academic discourse.

The goal is for a reader to be able to click on a citation in a document, see a pop-up of all the reference information, click on this and if the document is on the users hard drive/cloud, for it to open to the specific section quoted (unless document was cited without a quote).

This should also allow for active citations where the citation links to resources which can be brought to the (human or system) for use.

The first thing we need to do is to take the document name and add it to the BibTeX citation information, since that is the most readily available external signal for the document.

We also need to build a system for searching the user’s hard drive for documents as part of the opening process.

So the issues, as I see them at this point, is to add page and section references to References, as well as document name, then get the Reader application to search the user’s documents and open to the right spot. Sounds easy, but I’m pretty sure Apple security issues will not like all the steps linked, but let’s see…

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