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Grand Challenge (wish 2/4)

Grand Challenge, A Grand Augmentation Effort

For this grandest of challenges there will not be a single solution nor will there be a single goal we can measure and celebrate if we get there. What we are looking at is as simple as finding ways to better work together to understand our problems and each other, to produce a paradigm–a point of view–that while our first responsibility is to take care of ourselves and not expect anyone else to do so.

We look to elevate what the commander said to his troop as they left the safe confines of their vehicle: “Don’t just focus on yourself, focus on the rest of your team, that way you all have seven people looking after you”. We look to multiply this by one billion–that we all take ownership and responsibility for everyone in our team, all seven billion of us, just like the troop of seven people look after each other.

We work to stretch the boundary of us versus them to the point where ‘them’ becomes archaic and anachronistic, out of touch with a unified but diverse humanity. We need to address how we can open ourselves up and be stronger as part of wider and more diverse bigger ‘me’. #biggerme

This goal immediately moves into the notion of ‘freedom’. How can we work to support each other without judging and moralising and restraining each other?

Join us, Compete with us, Do something Different

The only unifying theme here is to do work which will benefit our species, not just ourselves, our company or our country, though it is not an either-or affair, the higher our goal the more levels of society can benefit.

Improvement Community

You are welcome to join our Improvement Community which can also produce some very valuable dialogue as to why some approaches turn out to be more effective than others and how this can change over time if we can Network our Improvement Community through the model of professional or academic symposia something similar.

Networked Improvement Community

If you feel your work is far removed from what you read about here and you already have an Improvement Community, or not let’s try to connect along the lines of what Doug Engelbart called NIC of NICs–Networked Improvement Community of Networked Improvement Communities.

We do not have any illusions about being right or even on the right track. We take ownership of the problem, not of any specific solution. Let’s try to work together on that basis.

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