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My Priority

For me, the most important problem is the creation of documents which are as findable and readable as possible.

By ‘document’ I mean an enclosed unit of information which may or may not link to other information but which is self contained in its ability to be shared. I think of a document as a framing of human intention and this is why it is a unit of knowledge worth investing in to make more accessible than simply a copy of the paper substrate document which had no inherent interactive or connective capabilities beyond what happened in the readers mind or by the readers pencil.

By ‘as findable as possible’ I mean that the document should make clear to the world what it contains and how it’s connected, as well as possible so that external systems can, through various means, determine it’s relevance, veracity and credibility without a human reader having to do this evolution alone.

By ‘as readable as possible’ I mean augmenting the author’s ability to note down their intent and to connect it with the larger environment as clearly as possible in a package with the reader can then unpack to extract information with as little time wasted or distractions as possible, in a way which allows them to grasp the intent, to evaluate it and to cite it with as little mental or other effort as possible.

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