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Software Components

The approach is to contribute to a more liquid information environment by using established protocols to tie together a wider ecosystem of applications and processes to enable a richer workflow and more competition among software developers. This is why the approach is not to build one monolithic application, but a series of interconnected applications, plugins and other tech as necessary, to deliver on the workflow.

Interoperability Ecosystem

The system will interoperate with external products including our partners KnowFlow, Exaptive, TrailMarks and HyperKnowledge.

Starting Point

This project has seen investment over a period of time with useful results and is currently looking for investment to produce a truly powerful workflow in a rich ecosystem. So far we have developed two macOS applications which are mature but which will need updating to contribute to the workflow:

To Build

  • LiquidView is the main application to build and will require the bulk of our resources.. It is a web based visual organization tool. We have a version in early testing
  • Liquid | Reader to augment the users ability to search legacy PDF documents by searching selected folders for only highlighted text. Reader will furthermore allow the user to quickly assign citation information to the PDF so that the user can then not only find exactly what they highlighted (something they can do in any application since Reader can open any PDF and extract highlights)
  • hyperGlossary is a system which uses WordPress for storage and allows the user to write in a more atomic manner and not have to re-introduce terms.
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