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Team, Support & Schedule


Frode Hegland, director of the Liquid Information Company in the UK, is the project lead. He is currently a PhD student at the university of Southampton.

Christopher Gutteridge works at the university of Southampton and developed the LiquidSpace/LiquidView/Weblau (name yet to be finalised, we’ll wait until later in the project).

Jacob Hazelgrove is the contractor for Liquid | Author and Liquid | Reader.

Roman Solodnikov is in charge of Liquid | Flow and Shane Gibson contributes to the hyperGlossary and other WordPress components.

Support Sought

To fully support the ongoing development will cost $125,000 annually and funding is sought for one year, to move the project onto a much more useful stage for the end-user, which will help with further funding and marketing to get the systems into use.


The workflow should work in full by start of summer 2019 in order to spend the next months polishing based on user feedback for public unveiling at the Future of Text Symposium in November.

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