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Day: February 5, 2017


I’m grateful for David Brin for posting this video on Facebook:

First of all, it points out that our local galaxy’s speed relative to the cosmic background radiation is 631km a second. I think that is an astonishing to know.

It then points out: “That speed is often attributed to the influence of a single gravitational source. But in a new study, a group of researchers has found that the motions of the Local Group—the cluster of galaxies that includes the Milky Way—are being driven by two primary sources: the previously known and incredibly massive Shapley Supercluster and a newly discovered repeller, which the researchers dub the Dipole Repeller.” in the Ars article:

This previous week I was sick most of the time, some virus. I spent some time reading about father hood and spent time with my old friend Guy who lost his father last week. I met with Tony at my club and had an afternoon with the family at my brothers’ then a funny movie with Steve and Saara.

Previously this week I was told by my coders that they can’t spend more than two more days on Author, it seems it is too leaky for bugs. Depressing, but I have to now consider it a prototype, show it off and make a business plan and get investment for a real version, with Liquid | Views.

Our species can elect Trump and it can know the speed we are all hurtling through space. I think my baby boy deserves to grow up in a world with better views of information so I have to simply smile and appreciate my wife and him, while working to open people’s eyes. Hey, if I’m wrong and my inventions and perspective is useless, at least I tried something.

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