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Day: February 13, 2017


Many have asked me what I think about and yes, I think it’s a nice visual layout but I feel that Medium is mostly another demonstration of the need to get away from the Web (which is very much focused on graphics and not content) and use the internet to share native documents. For example, if you are in Word or Author and there is a link to another Word or Author document it should open in that app, not on the web or anywhere else.

I was reminded of this today when I read this article on the company’s trouble:

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6-10 February 2017 Update

The week ended with two videos:


•  A series of User Guides for Liquid | Author:

•  A visual mockup-demo for Liquid | View:

The second one was made because I met Vikas Shah at The Groucho after a meeting with Frank Meehan since he had overheard part of our discussion (he was at the same table so fair enough) and he had had many ideas, including submitting to a competition at Rice University, for graduate students and they suggested adding a video. So I made that one and submitted.

Last week was also interesting discussing a potential Big Demo on the second day of FoT with Mark and Les.

We had dinner with Lucy at our favourite new isekaya and noodles at Koya where it turned out one of my former students is now working, Dee

On Friday I met Tom Heycock who I have not seen in person since I was in my teens.


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