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Day: April 19, 2017

Post Easter Update

I changed the () to [] in the glossary today: and added more text to the demo based on Vint’s feedback.

I also worked on how to re-use text in the document, based on my work for the 9 moths update where I need to write about Elements and Functions.

I should be able to interact with the word ‘Elements’ in the document to see the ‘Elements’ section, without loosing my place. 

I have added this to Trello as “When doing cmd-f to show results, show headings above the results, where they appear. Furthermore, if the keyword searched for occurred in a heading, show the whole section in TOC view, under that heading.” since I worked on how to show a link to a heading is an issue.

I don’t think it should be necessary to write contents out again and again nor to have large links in-document.

It’s getting close to baby time, he has turned the doctors say, so it’s all about the natural days of labour and delivery now.

Too much coffee and trance music. Working at the Groucho today, Friday I’ll have my daddy’s baby shower here.  :-) The easter weekend was quiet and lovely, with leg of lamb for dinner and new garden large planters.

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