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Month: August 2017

FoT Day 2 Planning

Christopher Gutteridge proposed two questions we need to answer and said: The second, cultural change, question is at least as important as the question about technology. Some great projects and ideas have gained no traction because they only concentrate on technology. Open access, while flawed, corrupted and diluted, is an idea that is now rooted in academic culture – maybe we can learn from that?


In terms of interactive text:

* how do we want the world to be

We want textual discourse to require less effort (freeing more energy for work thought away from ‘how to do work’ thought’) and to deliver more cognitive benefit in terms of deeper understanding of the issues, while authoring and while reading.

* how do we get there from here

We will need to develop tools and infrastructures (for meta-informaiton and more) as well as engage with the user communities to raise their expectations.


Lines Designs

A few line designs. First up, a layout in Scapple:

And full black lines with all lines showing, but the lines are aligned to horizontal edges:

And there is a mouse over design for mouse over the top right node showing ONLY the actively linked lines:

And finally, showing the other lines lightly in the background, as an alternative (I prefer the previous though):

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Problems and Explaining Them

When I was 2 years old my mother was taking me back to our little flat by the lake in the baby buggy and I remember (and have re-remembered many times since then, so it seems as fresh and anything else I have experienced) that I had a thought which initially was simply: “Children can solve problems just like adults can – as long as they are explained clearly” but which was followed after a moment with an insight; “so that is the real problem: How to explain the problem clearly!”

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