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Knowledge work is not all in the mind

A basketball player dunks from across the court, a footballer dribbles past to a perfect shooting spot and a dancer swirls and spins and the crow goes wild.     Meanwhile, back in the office the knowledge worker fires up Microsoft Word, hacks…

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Report : The Potential of More Liquid Views in Word Processors

      The Potential of More Liquid Views in Word Processors    Frode Hegland, ID: 29018757              Abstract     This report describes a proposal for a research project aimed at helping improve scholarly communication by investigating…

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International Gin & Tonic Day: 7 surprising health benefits of drinking gin | London Evening Standard

“The juniper-based spirit has shrugged off its reputation from the 18th century as ‘Mother’s ruin’ to become one of the nation’s favourite tipples. Artisan distilleries have been popping up everywhere from Cornwall to Enfield, with a decent number even within the M25. What…

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