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Day: December 24, 2017

Christmas Email to Doug@50

Merry Christmas to one and all! 

This quiet Christmas Eve morning I sat down with a lovely shot of Cru Cafe espresso with just a dollop of foamy soy and a hint of Canadian maple syrup, and started writing a list of concrete capabilities I personally think we should build, for Doug@5o and beyond. In between tasks as a new father(!!!) I wrote and edited and had some more coffee. The list grew and included an exposition of Doug’s aims, as presented here, but in the end, there is no list. That is simply because if we are truly to become deeply literate and really use computer systems to make the world a better place for all of us, then *we must do this together* because: 

Our capabilities define who we are in the world so we must dream this together, based on who we want to be in the world. 

For example, do you want to improve your comprehension, as Doug presented as a core goal of augmentation in his 62 paper? Then we need to improve how you can ‘grasp’ information (from where the word ‘comprehend’ poetically originates), so that you can see it from different angles related to what you already know and compare it with what exists out there in the world. This is a huge, multifaceted challenge and I have many ideas and so do other inventors, developers and philosophers (pretentiously I identify with all three), but coming up with how we should do this is an intimately human act and all of us have to get involved.  

( In case you think I am waffling, I have put my money where my mouth (or typing fingers) are, by building Author and Liquid, which I have done off my own back and which is running as non-profit operations. It is a tiny start but an honest one I think: if you don’t know me ) 

HOWEVER, we are running out of time. A year goes by quickly once we start building something. We have a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to actually make something monumentally important happen, rather than just chat about it and argue of the size of angel wings (file formats, human vs tool system and all that nonsense). YOU have to answer the questions, no matter how very successful you consider yourself to be, or not: 

What capabilities do YOU want and why – who do you want to be in the world? 

How can we go about realising such powerful capabilities? 

How about you sit down with a nice cup of coffee/tea/mineral water and just dream, then post on the website. If you don’t have access just tell me and if you prefer to blog somewhere else that is fine, we’ll just link to your post.  

Merry Christmas everyone, this sleigh ride is about to get exciting! 

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Please Help. I try to work on systems to provide…

“Please Help 

I try to work on systems to provide ways for citizens to have a better understanding of politicians (through AI & etc.) and for them to better understand issues and to understand themselves better, but again and again, the real problem which raises its massive head is that right wingers do not want to understand or help solve problems, they are only acting out of their emotions of fear of ‘others’ and of love for symbols, most particularly ‘freedom’ as long as its freedom to protect oneself from others or to belong to a symbol group such as a country, ‘military’ but not actual people with whom they do not share ‘roots’. 

They cherish ‘family’ values because they cannot connect to larger communities (not that they live by the family values). 

This is not me being mean, this is borne out of research, which no right winger will actually look up so the point is self-proving. Unfortunately. 

How can we deal with this? 

In Britain and in the US many of these people are angry because they feel the ‘liberal’ elite have taken their ‘liberty’ so they vote for outsiders to give them back this liberty but all these outsiders promise is to protect them from those who are slightly different and to reduce the size of their most powerful resource; government. 

Is the only way to deal with this a massive revolution is social care and education for future generation (which the current generation would hate, as hand-outs are for the weak and education just breeds liberals…)? If so, how do we do that and if not, what else can we do? 

I do not want Edgar to have to grow up in a society based on the fear, anger and selfishness of the right. 

This was not a tirade, it was an honest question.”

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