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9th of December 2018

On the 9th of December 1968 my friend and mentor Doug Engelbart started his demonstration which would go on to change the world, with these words: The research program that I am going to describe to you is quickly characterisable by saying; if…

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Human & AI Speech Interaction, ‘Photo-Realistic’ AR & VR & Direct Brain Connection ‘DBC’

Speech Apart, from the most onomatopoeic of sounds, spoken words perform the equivalent function as the written text and whereas speech between humans has a high fidelity of emotional intention bandwidth, its duration is limited to working memory plus long term memory for…

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In the context of my work and interactive text specifically, by ‘symbolic’ I am not trying to be technical. I simply mean that ideas, thoughts and concepts have to ‘live somewhere’ in order to be communicated and interacted with. The question of whether…

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