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Month: July 2018

(dialog box study) Post, 17 Jul, 07:08

User Feedback dialog.

There is only one dialog but there are a few places to spawn it from and the default settings will be different depending on from where. The layout includes:

• A Text field

• An option to ’Send Current Document to Developer’

• A Cancel/Submit option

• Type buttons, which are: Bug, Feature Request and Citation/Export Issue:

• If a user clicks on a ‘Send Feedback’ button in the export dialog, then ‘Citation/Export Issue’ is clicked (can be changed by user).

• In the Help menu there will be a ‘Send Bug Report’ option which opens the dialog with ‘Bug’ selected.

• In the Help menu there will be a ‘Send Feature Request’ option which opens the dialog with ‘Feature Request’ selected.

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Editing issue… Post, 15 Jul, 10:21

I am working on my book on the future of text and I’ve written plenty and now I need to re-organize and write more. It’s a bit of a mess though, with screens and screens of text and headings that don’t really flow.

How can Author help this process?

After a nap and thinking about spring systems and clippings, I have decided to try with good old cut and paste and collapsible menus, to see how that goes.

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Ole Andreas Hegland

I wrote this as an update to a friend and I’m posting it here, since I can’t write anything else. My father is gone.

My father was fighting from March, with the best medical help available assisting him. It got worse in June and he made it to my 50th on the 2nd, died on the 22nd. He was 81, his affairs were in order, had been with my mom for 60 years, had two loving sons, met his grandson and he needed to leave the pain. His cremation was beautiful and on Friday we have a memorial in Bergen, we are leaving in a few mins. It is as it should be, but it is very, very sad and heavy. I miss him immensely.

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