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Author: Frode Hegland

When ancients became modern

I had lunch with Chris Stringer today, which was a real treat.

When did visually modern humans appear and when did mentally modern humans appear? I asked Chris Stringer when our ancestors would look modern and when they would think like us. ┬áHe suggests you wouldn’t think an ancestor from 150,000 years ago very out of place in a restaurant, though this ancestor would be much larger than us, like a rugby player. The furthest you’d want to go back in time to not be fooled by an ancestor who came for a job interview would be just 30,000 years by most accounts, though he suspects we’d have been mentally up for the task perhaps even 100,000 years ago.

After lunch I went to see Lee-Ann at the BL and it turns out she is reading one of his books, which was a nice coincidence. I’ve downloaded a few onto the iPad Mini and I’m set for a lot of studying…

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