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Category: Annotation


Annotating needs to be simple and should feel like using a beautiful pen on paper to express an emotion, not like tapping a a computer.

In sketching this it became clear that only Researcher (for literature review) and Advisor (for reviews) are important:

The annotation dialogs are too much towards text, so I tried this, from the Advisors view. Easy to tag. Tags have relevant colour. I look forward to really designing this process..

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Academic PDF Reader Proposal

I need a PDF reader for literature reviews with the following capabilities:


•  Allow me to comment and highlight 

•  Allow me to search comments and highlighted text for all documents in an associated folder/iCloud directory 

•  Allow me to assign Citation information for the document

Ideally, but not critical: 

•  Allow me to one-click copy correct citation information into Author. 

•  Be compatible with Liquid | Author

What do you think, would it be useful for you as well?…

(just a thought)

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