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Sections of the book ‘’ as they are written and edited, for comments and revision by you. A philosophy of better information tools & environments for life in a fully digital world

Urgent Complex Problems

Doug Engelbart used to say that mankind is coping with problems of ever increasing complexity and urgency. Here is is when we talked in the mid-90s: This has now been measured: “Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile”…

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Author & Reading Views

This is also the first post (I think) written with Liquid Information Author, though it was not posted from within Author. That ability will come. I have decided to spend time and money on Author as I am also working on writing Deep…

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Deep Literacy & Continual Learning

Deep Literacy is about knowing the tools of your trade very, very well, supporting your ability to thrive immersed in your work, not skimming around superficially, while continuously learning new tools and skills through work and dialog. Learning So let’s start by looking at…

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