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Continuing symposium on the future of text.

A meditation on the future of text

A meditation on the future of text, by way of comparison with speech and a look at core attributes, further attributes, highlighting why text is important, then looking a the different characteristics of text in different media, looking at different forms of text…

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Exciting summer. New blog theme.

This is an exciting summer; the future of text is now scheduled for the 6th of November and will be hosted by Google at their HQ in London, though it’s not decided which campus yet. An amazing roster of people have already agreed…

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Urgent Complex Problems

Doug Engelbart used to say that mankind is coping with problems of ever increasing complexity and urgency. Here is is when we talked in the mid-90s: This has now been measured: “Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile”…

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