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Updated Future of Text website

I have updated the Future of Text website with more descriptive and prescriptive text, less neutral. I’d appreciate your perspectives:

Citing with hyperlinks: Academia will change with hypercitation.

A useful perspective on the future of citations:

“It’s 10 p.m. and the assignment is due at midnight. Fear begins to nibble at you. At this point, your bibliographical information is nothing more than a dizzying assortment of tabs stuffed across the top of your Web browser and some books surrounded by bags of junk food and empty soda cans. The next two hours will be spent furiously, exhaustedly, and fruitlessly formatting source citations, plugging URLs into sites like EasyBib and Citation Machine, desperately hoping that the professor won’t notice that the dates are wrong and the names aren’t spelled right.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Students’ hatred of the citation process is not because of any concerted effort to plagiarize, but rather a result of frustration with a slew of outdated conventions for proper citation methods. Some (lazy students) will cite the minimum required number of sources simply to avoid the tedium of the citation process itself. (This is a terrible idea; professors will notice.) Others spend valuable time wrangling with increasingly nuanced style changes for each citation. (Try citing Noreen Malone, Hanna Rosin, and June Thomas in Slate’s most recent DoubleX Gabfest.) And citation is messy, cluttering up paragraphs with boatloads of parentheses, footnotes, and page numbers.

Liquid from