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Human & AI Speech Interaction, ‘Photo-Realistic’ AR & VR & Direct Brain Connection ‘DBC’

Speech Apart, from the most onomatopoeic of sounds, spoken words perform the equivalent function as the written text and whereas speech between humans has a high fidelity of emotional intention bandwidth, its duration is limited to working memory plus long term memory for…

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In the context of my work and interactive text specifically, by ‘symbolic’ I am not trying to be technical. I simply mean that ideas, thoughts and concepts have to ‘live somewhere’ in order to be communicated and interacted with. The question of whether…

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Extensions (a Glossary)

This section concerns that which takes the meaning of the text out of its document frame and allows the reader to access different perspectives in time, jargon and more:   As relating to the space where the text exists   Medium and Substrate.…

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