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A review of documentation of the XLibris in regard to literature review and annotation, as suggested by Livia Polanyi.



Beyond Paper: Supporting Active Reading with Free Form Digital Ink Annotations by Bill N. Schilit, Gene Golovchinsky, Morgan N. Price at FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc.


The system provides a ‘collapsed’ view to only show citation and it also provides a skimming mode view, which is similar to something Doug and I came up with.

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XLibris Examples



Leave a Comment is a great project to further the power of interactive text.

As described on their site: “Substance provides building blocks for realizing custom text editors and web-based publishing systems.”

Phillip Sheldrake asked me about the difference between Substance and Liquid | Author and the main difference is that Substance is a set of javascript libraries and Author is a native macOS word processor.

Author is built around the process of academic writing, rather then general writing tasks.

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Lit: The Importance of Writing (quotes)

“Writing is thinking made tangible, thinking that can be examined because it is on the page and not in the head, invisible, floating around. Writing is thinking that can be stopped and tinkered with. It is a way of holding thought still long enough to examine its structures, its possibilities, its flaws. The road to a clearer understanding is travelled on paper. It is through an attempt to find words for ourselves in which to express relat- ed ideas that we often discover what we think.”

John Gage, “Why Write?” in A. Petrosky and D. Bartholomae, eds., The Teaching of Writing (Chicago, IL: National Society for the Study of Education, 1986).


“Writing, although valuable as a communication medium, is most valuable as a powerful way of thinking. Writing forces us to order thoughts in a logical and coherent way. It forces us to critically examine our own thinking, which ultimately leads to better thinking, problem solving, and decision making. If the Army wants better thinkers, we should start by educating better writers.”

Major Trent J. Lythgoe, Flight Simulation for the Brain: Why Army Officers Must Write (Major Trent J. Lythgoe, By , an essay submitted for 2011-01 MacArthur Leadership Writing Competition.

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