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Category: Lit Review: How to do Lit Review

Academic PDF Reader Proposal

I need a PDF reader for literature reviews with the following capabilities:


•  Allow me to comment and highlight 

•  Allow me to search comments and highlighted text for all documents in an associated folder/iCloud directory 

•  Allow me to assign Citation information for the document

Ideally, but not critical: 

•  Allow me to one-click copy correct citation information into Author. 

•  Be compatible with Liquid | Author

What do you think, would it be useful for you as well?…

(just a thought)

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Literature Review

The importance of doing a thorough literature review was made sparklingly clear by Les Carr on Wednesday when he said, and I paraphrase here, you do a literature review to go from ‘I recon’ to ‘I know’ what the state of a field is.

There seems to be two aspects of a literature review: The list of (possible) relevant papers and the way they are referred to in a document. This then means that reading a paper should include the ability to mark it (underline/highlight) and to add comments, both for the whole document and for specific sections. This then is what the author uses to find relevant text when it comes to writing their document.

I will be reading in whatever app, likely iBooks, then posting comments to EverNote, where they will be searchable, listed by Document.


How to make someone aware they were mentioned? I wrote about Les Carr saying something above. How could we devise a system whereby he would be notified that I did that? Maybe the system should check names for Twitter accounts? Hmm…

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