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Can We Talk about Spatial Hypertext? Mark Bernstein

Can We Talk about Spatial Hypertext? by Mark Bernstein. Proceeding HT ’11 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 2011 This paper reflects on the importance of being able to somehow present a liquid view in a way that makes sense to someone…

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Diachronic means taking into the history of a text/language or document. “The simplest model of a document is a list of characters; a string, file, or buffer. This model is not diachronic; a diachronic model keeps track of editing operations, or summarizes them…

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The ‘Future’ or past of Hypertext

This is an article on The Future of Hypertext: by  JAKOB NIELSEN from 1995 and it has notes and footnotes at the bottom of the page… We are not doing much better than that now. What do we need to do to really unleash text?

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