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Doug Engelbart Interview : What Doug Wants

I interviewed Doug Engelbart for the web documentary of which the question of what he really wanted to do at the late stage of his life is worth highlighting so I have transcribed it here. Full audio of this dialogue is available:…

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Les Carr Advisory Meeting

Les Carr pointed out another way in which to view the literature review, essentially saying that imagine you are at a party talking about your project and someone asks you if you know of a specific school of thought/academic paper/person etc. which would…

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Philippe Starck on the infinity symbol | 1843

““There are some things that we use every day without realising that someone created them. Take mathematical symbols. “+” was first introduced by Nicole Oresme in 1360, “×” by William Oughtred in 1618, and “÷” by Johann Rann in 1659. The god of…

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