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Thank you Ed

When my former university professor and mentor Ed Leahy discussed the importance of GPS in relation to knowledge work in group chats with people discussing Doug Engelbart’s work I really didn’t understand the relevance to something physical and something purely information based.

Since Ed is someone I greatly respect but this sounded very odd, I had to have a few rounds of thinking about it. The first relevance became work on notion of a time browser and then I kind of forgot about it.

Recently though, the notion of a symbol space has become important in my work and the notion of addressing has become front and centre. This is from Doug’s notions of high-resolution addressing and linking but I think that I also owe a debt of gratitude from Ed and his insistence of the importance of addressing  :-)

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The sickness of America at this point is deeply disturbing. At one point the beacon of light for the world and now allowing this horrid man to rule their country. Too many people support this monster.
The depth of humanity’s ignorance is profound. We MUST use our laws and culture to build scaffolds to support our virtues and control our darkness.
We only have a very brief time here on this earth, let’s spend it growing love, looking outwards, not selfishly looking inwards in fear-breeding hate.
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