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“Computer” as vehicle.

I just read “$25 mini computer to be released in UK” and I just wrote a post on the demise of the tower computer. The question becomes – what is a computer in the post-desktop computer era?
I think the same thing happened around the end of the Ford Model T being new and innovative. Was a two seater, super-expensive sports/vanity car the same as a truck? In some ways yes, in some ways no, but the definition of what a vehicle was would change from being one thing to what it would do for us. A truck is a truck since it trucks cargo about. A sports car is a car you can drive in a more ‘sporty’ way than a family saloon.

Same thing is happning to computing. the term ‘computer’ will come to mean less and less. We’ll have laptops (not laptop computers) and desktop workstations (not desktop workstation computers) as well as smart phones (as powerful as any desktop workstation computer of the 1990s), eBooks and many more devices which can all be technically called computers since they have input/output, storage and processing but they are less and computers to their users.

They are vehicles used to get to and navigate through information.

And they will come in astounding forms.

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who the liquid information environment is for

The liquid information environment is for knowledge workers; that is, anyone who has knowledge and information as a significant work medium. The people working to make our world better, safer, more harmonious and sustainable are knowledge workers. We must support their work with better (and, in my mind) more liquid, tools and environments and we must also make them aware of these better systems and give them the confidence so they become liquid in their work.

The job of a knowledge worker is not to memorize what others have written, but to come up with informed, creative solutions and produce new, useful, accessible knowledge. This requires creative thought and free movement through information. This requires the tools and environment to be more liquid.

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