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So, where next?

So, where next?

The Future of Text 2014 went off beautifully and Author seems well received. So where next, what to do to get Author to a useable and useful system?

There remains quite a bit of work to do to make working in Author smooth and useable in terms of smaller bugs and responsiveness (OS X lagging behind iOS in this case). The main features which are missing are iCloud Synch with Hand Off, so that I (I am the only user at this point, so the language might as well reflect that) can write and research on OS X and then take my iPad or iPhone Six to somewhere quiet and contemplative and just write and write and then take the document back to OS X to publish to WordPress or to an academic journal.

Which highlights the publishing side of things. WordPress theme is being fixed but I will have to have someone work on the power of presenting links and references in a similar way to how they are presented in Author – which I think will be a powerful view to the future, with links and view deeper.

Export to academic journals/university submissions with correct formatting will be next, based on the Styles system. I need one export first, then I can show Author to academic departments to see what they would like to have.

So, where next?

The Future of Text and development has been hugely expensive and hugely worthwhile so far. The question is how to continue and I think that beyond basic fixes and polishes the citation system – that is to say, how Author refers to external resources, will be key, so I will focus on designing that system first, from dialog box to WordPress theme behaviour. OK, writing this post was useful :-)

(written on Author iOS, copied as text and posted)

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