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When ancients became modern

I had lunch with Chris Stringer today, which was a real treat.

When did visually modern humans appear and when did mentally modern humans appear? I asked Chris Stringer when our ancestors would look modern and when they would think like us.  He suggests you wouldn’t think an ancestor from 150,000 years ago very out of place in a restaurant, though this ancestor would be much larger than us, like a rugby player. The furthest you’d want to go back in time to not be fooled by an ancestor who came for a job interview would be just 30,000 years by most accounts, though he suspects we’d have been mentally up for the task perhaps even 100,000 years ago.

After lunch I went to see Lee-Ann at the BL and it turns out she is reading one of his books, which was a nice coincidence. I’ve downloaded a few onto the iPad Mini and I’m set for a lot of studying…

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So the SONY RX1 will arrive tomorrow. The lens hood is here and the cool strap is in the mail. More importantly this blog will be revamped by tomorrow morning. It’s looking nice, real nice so far, heavily inspired by Andrew Kim’s excellent and James Duncan Davidson’s site

I’ll have to work some more on tagging and navigation, but it’s simple and you can see pictures full screen with no interface in your face.  :-)

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