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Pop-clip, an app which works a lot like Liquid did on the web, with a little indication icon to mouse over for options is doing very well in the App Store. Am I a little jealous? Yes, but I am very happy that Liquid is now keyboard based as I believe this is faster. Anyway, it’s good to see competition, this is an important area for many to innovate it.

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So this week started with the end of a bad cold of sorts, strong active workday on Tuesday, first day as a lecturer at LCC on Wednesday (wonderful day, with exceptional students) and today, Thursday, Valentines with grilled Japanese style salmon belly (£2!!!) and head, prawn, veg and much amazing food where I decided developing ‘good taste’ really means to listen to the food, to learn to enjoy, rather to learn what one doesn’t enjoy. Such a wonderful kitchen, such a wonderful life. Now for The Cross of Iron, home made mocha ice-cream and holding my beloved wife. Today is amazing.

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