Easter Friday

Worked on DOUG yesterday and only came up with two realisations: Comments referring to specific text in a post and general comments are completely different things. And when doing a review, a wide view is better. I know, sounds abstract. More on this later.
Since it was good Friday Emily got of work early so we walked to Regent Street for Japan Centre items for dinner w W in the evening (who brought brownies and we saw 4 Lions and Tyrannosaur). We walked a different route from Barons Court. Blissful day.


Fire, questions

OK, so I have sent out four emails to researchers about the circadian shift fire control provided to see if they feel it supports my idea that it might have given us more creativity.

VC told me to hold tight on Liquid this weekend, which is good.

So, back to the book. Working at Milde, coffee all ready, fireplace burning even though it’s quite bright, listening to nice and quiet jazz. Loudly.


Late last night I found out from Daoxin that he will not be coding Liquid OS X any more, he’s been drafted into the Chinese Army(!!). I am very, very sad to see him go, but understand that there is no option for him. The deteriorating situation between North Korea (he lives right north of Korea) means China needs every man on deck. I know Daoxin will be safe, I know there will be no hostilities but hope he will have a year of adventure and learning.

Daoxin leaves us with a very solid Liquid 4 OS X build, which has been submitted to Apple. I will continue to promote Liquid, it is the flagship Liquid product.

My lecturing at LCC is continuing to be exciting and I’m working on an education initiative. Stay tuned for updates.

That’s all for now folks.

Liquid OS X Update

Version 3.0 of Liquid OS X was released on January 24th (Macintosh’s 28th birthday) and features an innovative Copy system. {Press Release}

Version 4.0 will  follow hot on the heels of 3.0 with localisation (initially Norwegian, Japanese, Turkish and Russian but many more to follow) and many smaller user enhancements. Why the big jump? The name ‘Liquid 4 OS X’ just sounds too good to wait for…. All upgrades will be free.

Liquid OS X version 3.0

So today I officially launched Liquid for OS X version 3.0, which is really version 1 in the sense that it is now really polished and feature rich. I can no longer excuse anything based on ‘it’s an early version’ or anything at all really.

The press has been really, really quiet so far, but the dialog just started today with a tweet:
“The world goes liquid – http://www.liquid.info/video”
Stephen Fry

The response to Stephen’s tweet has been vigourous. 122 retweets and 108 favourited and the demo video has been watched 5,482 times so far today (yesterday was 20 in total).

Must admit this app looks amazing. @MrSomia / Nice share Mr. Fry. @gmaddockgreen
Great tool for writers I’d say. @ConradOwens / Magic! for Mac users :) ‏@carmendomino
This is how easy it is. love u ”APPLE” :)) ‏@infoantalya / This looks amazing. Would make working so productive. @ElvinaGB / Awesome ‏@jseths / Really excited about this one…Mac users, check this out! It definitely has something @jeppevingum / Neat. @pickymiss
So how do I feel? Well, it’s strange having thought about this in one way or another from  the mid-1990′s and now having a real instantiation of the philosophy, which doesn’t require explanation of the ideas behind it, it’s useful right of the bat, for itself.
I’ll be teaching a course on Coinventing The Future at London College Of Communication later in the year. The InterAtlas iOS app is doing well and the book is slowly coming together. But this is the big one. It’s real now. Now I just have to work to make sure people are aware of it. THAT is a nice feeling.

command shift x

Apple doesn’t seem able or willing (I don’t know) how to fix the issue with command shift 1 so I may have to choose a new keyboard shortcut but here is the left hand of the keyboard (the right hand is used for mousing usually)


the ones which are not used with command-shift (all are used as command only) in most apps are:


§ is only on the top left on UK keyboards so that is out.

This leaves 1,2, x and e which are:

command! (which is the problem one of course)
command@ (which has the email connotation )
commandX (which is close to cut and a bit tricky to reach but our best second choice)
commandE (used in photoshop and final cut)

Any comments/thoughts?