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Liquid OS X Yosemite

I have tested the first Liquid for OS X Yosemite today and it’s quite wonderful. First of all, the keyboard shortcut to launch Liquid now works wether you have text selected or not and it uses the OS X accounts for Facebook, Twitter…

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Updates, Future of my writing

Blogging Since I’ve decided to write a book on Deep Literacy and I find it difficult to press on with writing since the subject area is so potentially large and I have to find some shape to present it in, I’ve decided to…

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Photography Update

The RX-1 is always, always used with VSCO filters. I often use the TRI-X processing and often Fuji Superia or Kodak Portra for people shots (plus about 75% grain for the film). Interestingly though, I find, I use a x2 screw-on lens doubler…

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