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Liquid OS X Yosemite

I have tested the first Liquid for OS X Yosemite today and it’s quite wonderful. First of all, the keyboard shortcut to launch Liquid now works wether you have text selected or not and it uses the OS X accounts for Facebook, Twitter etc. so users don’t have to enter anything into Liquid.   :-)

Updates, Future of my writing


Since I’ve decided to write a book on Deep Literacy and I find it difficult to press on with writing since the subject area is so potentially large and I have to find some shape to present it in, I’ve decided to start blogging. Every day. Much will be chatty, some to the point and other will be actual sections of the book. Or such is the hope anyway.

I hope this will be less intimidating and a good way to get into the rhythm of writing every day. I wrote this on Sunday the 25th of May, before dinner with Emily’s parents, at the new wonderful Japanese restaurant in Putney. It was my kickoff post but I decided to break it up into several posts, so that I can tag them as Author, Liquid, Photography and so on, separately, hopefully making this slightly easier to read in the future…

But first, the general update.

Today is Sunday, the day after my dad’s birthday, where him and Emily and I went to the British Museum for the Vikings exhibition, which was a real treat for all of us. Mum is suffering from a bad back so she didn’t join us and we had thali delivery from Masla Zone which was fun and enjoyed by all. Much sleeping this weekend. Much love and harmony. So now I’m sitting writing this at the living room table, on my Apple 2013 MacBook air, listening to Cedar Walton on my B&O H6 Headphones, drinking cappuccino from my modern Picardy glass, made from my Starbucks Verismo espresso machine and the milk frother plus ice cold filtered water from the large recycled (looking) Starbucks glass I bought with Kevin in California. Emily is on the terrace, pottering about, wearing something green out of a 70’s wonder show, still looking elegant and bang up to date. This is a time I want to remember. iPad Air on the table, I’m wondering about maybe making an ePub reader, but it couldn’t open protected ePub’s which is a serious limitation, both to a project for me and for the evolution of reading in general. Moe’s iPhone 5 cover is on the far side of the table, the one with the built in USB stick. Genius. And strong visual and tactile design.

And LiSA tells me “it’s 5pm”. LiSA is running crash free again, after many years on and off. She is getting old though, having been introduced in 20o1 or so, but she is still vibrantly useful.

Work View


For updates on Author, Liquid, Teaching and Photography, please refer to separate posts.

Photography Update

The RX-1 is always, always used with VSCO filters. I often use the TRI-X processing and often Fuji Superia or Kodak Portra for people shots (plus about 75% grain for the film). Interestingly though, I find, I use a x2 screw-on lens doubler so that the shots are 70mm as opposed to the default 35mm. In the very centre the optical quality of this £30 add-on does not do much at all, and in the fringes there is serious vignetting, but the out of focus bokeh becomes beautiful with a distinct analog feel. Combining this with always having as little solid black in the shadows and instead ramping the blacks, makes for quite a unique look I think, which I treasure.

The second thing worth mentioning is the viewfinder. I bought the RX-1 without thinking I’d need one. Tried the viewfinder in Singapore and found the response less than perfect so just didn’t use one. Then I tried Kevin’s A7 in California and the viewfinder was fine for taking pictures but amazing for reviewing the pictures and promptly ordered one online. I feel it can fall off a bit too easily so I might have to add some rubber or even glue it on. It really does add a whole new dimension to the joy of this camera and computer setup.

I leave the back-view black and white now since most of my photography is black and white, or monochrome and this adds to the unique pleasure of this setup. Anyway, here is Emily in the garden, taken a few moments ago:

Emily in the Garden

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