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Citation from Paper Book workflows

Paper To Digital Citation #

Initial Workflow#

User types text into a document and makes it a citation (manually or by using Amazon to search for citation information or perhaps Google Books). 

Reader then chooses to click on this citation to ‘View Source’ and Author then opens Google Books to that book and searches inside the book using the types citation text. 

Future Addition #

User reads a physical book and comes across something interesting. This user has Liquid | Author iOS on their iPhone. 

User then chooses to ‘Add Citation’ in Author iOS and then chooses ‘From Camera’, which opens the device’s camera.  

User then scans/takes a picture of the section. 

Author sends this to Google which does OCR on the text and searches Google Books and The Web (in case the user scanned a news article or something else). Results are presented and user taps the correct source.  

This is then turned into a citation in Author for use as in the initial workflow when the user publishes the document for someone else to read.  

There is a further component, a different app, which ingests all the citations and which provides sophisticated means for the user to search their citations for use in different documents, including not only bibliography information or keywords of highlighted text, but also time and location created so that the user may enter a query such as “show me all my citations which were made in the library in the morning and which have the keyword ‘chocolate’ in them” 

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  1. What about the copyright infringement the reader commits by uploading a photographic reproduction of a text to Google? What about the potential risk that Google commits commercial copyright infringement by processing such images/text without a valid chain of permissions from the author?

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