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Community Statement

As emailed to the Doug Engelbart ad-hoc community:

Marc-Antoine Parent, Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D., Jack Park, Dino Karabeg, Sam Hahn, David Price, Gavin Peacock, Shchoukine Timour, Kennan Salinero, Mark Szpakowski, Alec Wenzowski, John Kelly, Jerry Michalski, Karl Hebenstreit

My mission is to improve how we interact with our information and with each other. I believe that the most fundamental thing in the universe is interaction, without which we could not even have information and therefore we should invest in interaction to get the most out of our information and our communication.

I have chosen to focus on the written word since it is primarily via the written word we communicate and hardly anyone else is focusing on it. I furthermore focus on documents, since I believe a document is a framing of a human thought and it is simplistic to build only completely collaborative environments, we also need a space to put our thoughts together before we present them.

I am a tool builder, in order to support the ‘human’ system and I believe new tools can provide new opportunities, tools should not only be passively built for current or envisaged human systems.

I have posted what flows from this on the front page of

Writing is an act of persuasion.

From small and insignificant to large and world-changing or something in between. Just like a pop tune’s job is to be a jingle for itself to persuade you to buy it, the written word’s function is to persuade you to buy into what it proclaims.

With myriads of perspectives vying for our attention and our agreement it becomes an important necessity for us to to question what we read in an instant – to immediately view the text from other angles, to check quotes and references. The other side of the argument is to augment your ability to write with more credibility.

These are the reasons why I started the Liquid Information Project.

These projects are components of a push towards Deep Literacy where the power of the user is increased by ever more powerful tools – both digital and mental. If this resonates with you, please try the software, get in touch for a chat or join us at the annual symposium where we discuss ways forward; the Future of Text Symposium.

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September 2018
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