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Concept: Subspace (unlikely to implement as described)

Subspace is a specific view layout where the user can choose to see only a subset of available headings, hence the name.  


The purpose is to allow the user to explore a subset heading, to see and interact with what’s below it in the hierarchy but more importantly to allow the user to see and interact with what it is connected to, manually and otherwise. Any changes to this view will be stored for future access of this view.  


The interaction here is to make the interactions more ‘physical’ or tangible than clicking on buttons or choosing from options in menus: 


• The user taps/clicks on a heading and drags it to the top of the screen, onto the top toolbar. The result is that the name of the heading becomes appended to the name of the document, such as: Document | Heading (this can be done from this view as well, increasing the depth).  

• The result of the canvas is that it only shows headings connected to the selected heading.  

• The specific layout will have to be experimented with but this initial design is for higher or same level are shown horizontally under the top toolbar and those of lower levels are shown in the main canvas (to be tweaked of course) 

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