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Glossary and Citation in dynamic view in an integrated way

Glossary and Citation in dynamic view in an integrated way

Let user define a glossary entry in Author. A simple dialog where the user can define terms in relation to older terms. These terms are stored in Author (not the document) and are continuously synched with a WordPress version.


Hegland, 2019.

Choosing one fo the radio buttons on top changes some of the fields, while leaving the section to specify relationships:

  • Document changes the dialog into the same fields as we have in the cmd-t citation dialog
  • Concept is as shown
  • Person asks for identifiers such as ORCID, a US ID for academics and adds fields like birth date, affiliation, published documents and nationality, all of which are optional
  • Company adds fields for company specific information including stock market listing, if any, location etc.
  • Place allows the user to specify location using several different means, including address, GPS and Maps etc.

Dynamic View

In the dynamic view, the user may click on a term which is a glossary item and any connected terms will show as small boxes, which the user can drag anywhere (Chris Gutteridge Weblaux style)…

Double-Click for more View

…or the user can double click to see all occurs of that text, as usual, but with the definitions on top:

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