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Citations & Cynapses.

Citations are the synapses of the academic discourse. It is through citations that explicit connections are shown. This is the way it is shown how ideas move and how they are discussed, modified, rejected or turned into orthodoxy. Maybe we should call them Cybernetic Synapses, or Cynapses? (That was the first name of what became Hyperwords then Liquid BTW).

To take the analogy with the human brain further, it should be possible to make connections and follow dimensions without there being a pre-made link of some sort and this is of course the Liquid approach.

Anyway, I think it’s an interesting perspective. What do you think?

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Author & Collaboration

I had a wonderful afternoon with Pavel today and we discussed collaboration and how Author might fit into an ecosystem of collaborative documents.

I am not a huge fan of the traditional model of collaborative documents – I think it’s important to keep the documents from getting too messy, as my feeling of total freedom collaboration documents with the unlimited colourful markups and such provide. I also feel that it’s important to have roles in collaboration. Otherwise I think people are reticent to do work someone else might be doing, or someting may be missed and so on – I think roles help give ownership and a more secure space from which to deal with the inputs of others.

We therefore discussed how we might design an online discourse system with open APIs so people can contribute via Author or any other platform. I think it’s way too ambitious, and limiting, to pretent Author can be a full collaboration environment so I want to focus on building the best possible single user experience which then publishes into the dialog. To support publishing into the dialog Author will export with paragraph level addressability (Author will insert an anchor tag at the beginning of each paragraph, and an invisible link to it at the end) and will work to enhance the way citations are handled.

I feel good about this. Really quite very good, which is why I’m sitting at home typing this (in Author OS X) while having an espresso, some Neuhaus and listening to trance at seven thirty on a Thursday when Emily is out with a friend, rather than Battlefield 4 with full volume…).

The next step is to complete and launch Author as a solid single user word processor which can export citations well, then discuss and plan the wide discourse system.

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And it’s Wednesday (& Liquid lives in Author iOS…)

It’s mid week and development is frustrating as ever as we are getting close to release. The first public beta went out yesterday for Liquid | Author iOS (OS X is way behind, I might have to transfer work to the iOS team) which is a great feeling and brilliant milestone to reach but we still have iCloud and document issues, which will be worked on this week.

It’s amazing though, that we now have Liquid functionality in Author iOS: Select text and choose Search or References and we even open this in a browser in the app. I only saw this the first time a few hours ago. Quite wonderful.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Pavel for lunch and will show him how Author is doing, while talking about citations & such.

Friday Dino, David and Sam + Gail are joining us for dinner and talk.

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