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Liquid | Author 1.0 Features

A list of features at launch:

•  Cuttings. Cut anything and cmd-shift-v shows you everything you have cut, though not anything you have deleted or copied or even cut then immediately pasted
•  Very minimalist interface but use of rich text, not markup
•  Pinch to collapse Headings into a Table of Contents using trackpad
•  Reading/Edit Modes for specific interactions to make both modes more powerful and pleasant, such as spacebar to move down a screen in Read mode and select text and spacebar to have the text spoken to you.
•  Quick Citation through select text and cmd-t for academic papers, books, web and video citations.
•  Instant find with cmd-f on selected text which changes the view to only show sentences with the searched for text
•  Document Cover with the document author’s details. Two finger horizontal swipe to flip the document to see this document ‘cover’
•  cmd- / cmd+ to scale all the text. You cannot change colour or size of specific text in Author since Author is a writing application, not a layout application
•  Modern Architecture including auto saving and everything else you would expect from a modern, native macOS application including iCloud Drive (sync with Author iOS in the future)
•  Warm background to reduce eye strain. Note that in full screen mode your eyes will quite quickly adjust to the cast so you will enjoy the benefit without really noticing anything different.
•  Fast and innovative keyboard interactions: Triple click selects the sentence, not the paragraph, since testing shows you are more likely to select a paragraph with stripe select. Double click between words to select both words. Cmd-k assigns link instantly, without need for dialog box.

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