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Liquid Information OS X, version 1, 1.5 and 2.0

Time sometimes really does fly past, making me strain my neck trying to follow it’s loud roar and gentle vapour trails.

What started as the Command Blade new years eve 11/12 has now been released on the App Store with great user comments and reviews.

It was released as ‘Liquid Words’ for version 1 but I changed it to ‘Liquid Information’ for 1.5 forwards, reflecting the philosophy¬†behind it more clearly – it’s about rich symbol interaction, where images are also involved.

We are waiting for Apple to review 1.5, which features the ability to Share via email, twitter and Facebook.

Version 2.0, due out September, will have many smaller enhancements, with the major improvement being the ability to edit the menu itself.

It’s an exciting time!


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