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Liquid | View Application (to do items, pause for thought)

I’m just wondering about the direction.
Here there are these bullets, of which only the first is a real question, the others support, though the toggle in and out of views is a crucial aspect of the work. My current plan is to have the view as a separate application where the user can visualise a larger corpus than what’s used in the thesis document but this may make the second bullet point suffer.
A more elegant solution would be to have the view inside author but also capable of showing all the users citations, not only those currently used in the document.
I’m almost ready for the Focus group to learn more about this so I hope that will help.
  • How can a richly visual working space provide a clear view of the user’s literature sources without becoming cluttered?
  • How can the linear and non-linear be toggled most efficiently? (Connected with Author)
  • How can documents be published in a currently approved academic manner while also retaining rich interactions? (Rich PDF)
The list of what we are considering doing are on Trello:


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