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LiquidView, LiquidSpace, Weblau

The LiquidView is a web based, interactive view of the users information space.


The goal of the LiquidView is to give the user a visual workspace to explore new information and to organise their own.


Visually it can look like a concept map or visual knowledge graph, depending on user preference and use.

The lines between the nodes can be manually created through simple drag, imported as an attribute of the nodes and the user can choose what lines to see based on different criteria.

The user can save different layouts to compare views.


The nodes can be typed comments or active connections to wikis, wordpress blogs, knowledge graphs, the hyperGlossary, applications on the users local system and copied URLs.


The user can download the whole space into what’s called a Quine, though we’ll use a more user-friendly term. In the Quine is contained all the layout data and the code itself so that when shared, a receiving user has a fully working, fully interactive version, not a frozen export.


It is written in Javascript and is accessible through any modern web browser, including though Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface.


The project has been completed to the level of proof of concept at Please note that the name has not been finalised.

What remains to do for the project duration of one year is to refine the user interaction so that it becomes truly useful and not just a demo, build further integrations and to add to the visualisation functionality.

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