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The LiquidView is a free-form visual thinking and exploration space in a web browser, where any item (hard/node) can be live data from somewhere on the web or the user’s computer.

Data sources can include:

  • Manually entered text
  • Pasted Web Addresses to multimedia which appears as thumbnails
  • Web Addresses with High Resolution Links with connections straight back to specific sections of documents
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Knowledge Graphs

The user can change the layout arbitrarily to their liking, chunking information and both manually and automatically connecting items to see and show connections.

Unique features include the ability to save the entire layout and code into a ‘Quine’ which can be shared and opened to show the same interactive workspace.


Multiple clusters of different kinds of data can share the same canvas and be visually connected or separate:


Search terms can be entered and appears as their own nodes, with connections to where the terms appear inside other nodes, with thicker lines indicating more occurrences:


The canvases can be small and fleeting or large and permanent:

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