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As we wish each other happy new year and look towards a richly fulfilling 2018, it’s worth asking to what end.

It is clear to those who have read my work that I believe that the foundation of the universe is interaction (physicists might call it fields) and that since my philosophy is called ‘liquid information’ the question is how meaningful interactions can take place in a wholly liquid information environment – this is the very question of my career. I believe it is imperative to view our world as a complex of different types of interactions and connections and to study them to find out how our world and how we fit together and interrelate.

This then leads me to this very beautiful and thoughtful poetic analysis of the movie Interstellar ‘Interstellar’s Hidden Meaning Behind Love and Time’

Love may perhaps be the prime connection conscious creatures can access. Along the way of our evolution we have managed it in most cases for the most obvious relationship; those of kin and we have enlarged our love for those we feel similar to; those who are on ‘our side’, to include cities and nations and even sports teams.

At this point in our evolution however (when we still have AI who will listen to us and we still have not blown up or dried up our planet), it is time to listen to Jesus who said “”A new command I give you: As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”, Muhammad who said “You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another” and the cool dude in the street who simply says; “Peace, Love”.

If we don’t work to make the term ‘altruism’ a quaint relic of a stage in our evolution when love towards all life was the standard, the base, the very core of our being and our society, we will just build larger and more powerful units of love who will rub up against other units of love and that can get very ugly, as our history has shown again and again; such as on e beloved country or one beloved religion against another.

So love each other. Love is fundamental, love is not a transaction, love is a state of your soul, but also, perhaps more importantly, love is a behaviour, an action. Love is not something confined to the holy place or the bedroom, love is here and now and always a part of us, let us not be ashamed or timid, let us nurture love in our lives and in our work.

To honour a man of overflowing love, how can we show real love on the 9th of December? How can we build love into the work we produce? THAT, is a practical research question.

Happy 2018 everyone!

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