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Where hyperlinks is text you can click on to have a document open in a web browser, hypertext is the general concept of digital text which allows for flexible connections and spatial hypertext concerns visual spatial layout, hyperwords is defined as textual units which can be interacted with to change their presentation/view and where the textual units are the same in all the views.

An example of this would be an entry in a glossary and it’s placement in a document. Doug Engelbart called this an implicit link and that is of course a valid term but the point of a hyperword is not it’s link or connection with something external, it is the pivot point which remains the same while the view changes. For example, a hyperword in a traditional text document will stay the same when the document presentation is changed into a graph layout, timeline, list or anything else, with perhaps an animation so help visually ‘sell this’.

The implementation I am working on for this includes saving glossary ‘terms’ into WordPress posts for use in a word processor such as Author or a graph program such as Webleau. What I am really talking about are nodes. In concept graph worlds these are all concepts but as I last blogged about I am not comfortable referring to a person as a concept.

I need a name which would cover term and node. Or maybe not. Maybe I simply say, hey, here are you glossary terms, go nuts.

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