Today is simply holiday. Emily and I will have a simple lunch, then do the tourist bus most likely.

Liquid | Author works starts in Russia on Monday and has already started in Finland but both versions are too buggy still to do real work on. Anyway, it’s be brilliant, though it’s a bit frustrating at the moment.

Liquid | Author

Today is the 1st of January 2015 and it’s time to start writing a page in this 365 page book.

Author has been frustrating over the last six months or more, but it’s coming together. I had to change the name to Liquid | Author since we lost the name ‘Author’ in the iTunes App Store since it took us too long to upload any code The new name is pretty cool anyway and it links with Liquid better, which is now called Liquid | Info. for more

I have spent more time and money (much more…) on the iOS version of Author than anticipated but it’s becoming a beautiful app. Day before yesterday we were in a small restaurant/bar here in Barcelona and I felt it was too bright to use my laptop socially, but the night mode in some minimal apps helps, so I added night mode to the list of To Do’s for Author, for iOS and OS X. If we don’t cover all aspects of basic writing with version 1 I don’t think there is much of a chance of success.

Today is new years day and Emily and I spent it with Henning and Jose, walking around town, lunch, coffee, bar, and all the good things. I also got an opportunity to work on a more generalised concept of tagging, for use in Author. The potential collaboration with Timour really does demand a serious look at tagging, for comments and more.