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A Time-Lapse of Hong Kong That Bounces Between Day and Night

A Time-Lapse of Hong Kong That Bounces Between Day and Night

  • Published on November 17, 2015 by Michael Zhang
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    Time-lapse photographer Patrick Cheung of PowerUpMotion created this short film titled “Time.” It shows a blood moon rising over Hong Kong, with many of the scenes bouncing between day and night in sync with the music.

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Architecting – Google Search

Architecting a Verb? | OUPblog

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Architecting for Innovation – Brighten Godfrey

by T Koponena – ‎Cited by 52 – ‎Related articles

Architecting for Innovation. Teemu Koponena, Scott Shenkerb, Hari Balakrishnanc, Nick Feamsterd, Igor Ganicheve,. Ali Ghodsif, P. Brighten Godfreyg, Nick …



Architecting – National Theatre of Scotland and The TEAM…/default.asp?page…Architectin

Architecting is an exhilirating American saga that weaves through America’s past and future to create a requiem for modern America, a musical, multi-media …



AWS Training | Instructor-Led | Architecting on AWS

Post made with Liquid from,ssl&ei=WTFLVs_NFsaSaqO7pLgN

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Welcome to Liquid OS X!

(posted via liquid. this is the old first-run Liquid install page)

Welcome to a faster Mac!


To use select text then     @  and choose a command through shortcuts:
For example: ‘r’ for References and then ‘w’ for Wikipedia


To Change the Keyboard Shortcut:

1) Open ‘System Preferences’

2) Click on ‘Keyboard’

3) Click on the ‘Shortcuts’ tab, then ‘Services’ in the column on the left,

    and scroll down until you find Liquid in the column on the right.

Here you can click on the current keyboard shortcut and record a new one. For example, if you are using a UK keyboard you might want to use     § 




You might also want to use the Spotlight shortcut:     space  To do so, you need to disable the Spotlight keyboard shortcut first, which you can do by clicking on ‘Spotlight’ in the colum on the left and then un-checking the keyboard shortcut.

Speed Tip: Instead of Search/Google, just hit ‘enter’ to search Google and ‘shift-enter’ to go to the first item on Google search. Very handy!

User Guide


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or issues – or suggestions for future improvements.

You can email me any time at

Frode Hegland

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