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So this week started with the end of a bad cold of sorts, strong active workday on Tuesday, first day as a lecturer at LCC on Wednesday (wonderful day, with exceptional students) and today, Thursday, Valentines with grilled Japanese style salmon belly (£2!!!) and head, prawn, veg and much amazing food where I decided developing ‘good taste’ really means to listen to the food, to learn to enjoy, rather to learn what one doesn’t enjoy. Such a wonderful kitchen, such a wonderful life. Now for The Cross of Iron, home made mocha ice-cream and holding my beloved wife. Today is amazing.

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Bad Review

This appeared on the App Store today:

The minor problems with the UI that need a smidgen of attention, and that in itself is fixable. Tabbing out of dialog box doesn’t make the menus live, nor are any of the menu keys functional except when the right part of the dialog box is highlighted. In short, an excellent idea behind a barbed-wire fence of a broken UI. Oh—and whatever you do, if you use the “keyboard shortcut to activate when no text is selected” do NOT set it to Command-@. It will block the application from receiving your selected text when you DO have something highlighted. All of these things could be fixed and everybody could enjoy it. Right? Yeah, well: What is intolerably offensive is what is offered as “support.” If you click the “Liquid (Pro) Support in iTunes, or if you use the “Get Support” item in the application’s menu, the ONLY thing that happens is you are dumped to the developer’s website, through which there is no support form, no contact email—no way to get word to the developer except through this review system on iTunes. TWO-STARS PENALTY for that bit of arrogance and lack of regard. Really regretting I spent the money with a developer who wants nothing to do with us.

How can I deal with this? I don’t understand the technical issue the poster starts off with and for some reason he cannot find the contact email address on the site, which is surprising since I get at least one email from users a day.

It feels like someone is standing next to something you are selling in a shop, saying ‘it’s bad, it’s bad’ but then not letting you comment and explain.

Apple should bring in developer comments, this sucks.

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