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Persistent Conceptual Objects Across Multiple Systems & Views. An RFC

RFC for a system which support object persistence across a workflow of multiple views. A central idea is that while having different views of your information, this is particularly the case if the information is actually the same and only the views change: A term is always the same ‘object’, whether in a glossary, a Liquid Space view or in a word processing document, and can be interacted with as thus.

The central connector of the system is graph view called Liquid Space:

User create and save nodes as ordinary WordPress posts, allowing for openness and interoperability. This is referred to as the hyperGlossary method:

Users can create a node/element manually in WordPress or by using Liquid | Flow (or any other software) to create a structured node with indications of type and type of connections:

Accessing The Liquid Space View

Word Processor

From Liquid | Author (or any other software which supports this), a user can click on a term and choose ‘View in Liquid Space’ and the software will send a URL to the user’s web browser specifying the term as a node to be shown centrally and (optionally, which type of view to show if not the default, how many connections deep to show the connections and so on).

Web Browser

User can select a term and a blue dot will appear. An option will be to ‘Show in Liquid Space’ and it will show the Liquid Space in the same way as if launched from the word processor. This is with the same interaction as we have on at the moment.

User can additionally click to download a PDF from a repository and the plugin will take whatever meta-information for citations (linked Bibtex etc.) and append it to the PDF on download so that in the future when the user copies from the PDF they will copy as citation automatically (with supported PDF reader) and the Liquid Space will be able to open the document for the user since it ‘knows’ the local location of the document.

The plugin will also support augmented copying to allow for quick citation-paste.

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One Comment

  1. We all share your vision of a system providing “Persistent Conceptual Objects Across Multiple Systems & Views”. The domain name I registered 7 years ago for this was

    It called for truly decent(ralized) people-first protocols, self organizing communities, application platforms with inter-operability by construction, conceptual/ethical frameworks, tools that supports structuring and interpreting everything, including our intents in terms of emergent intertwingularity captured and hypermapped as (underlying) graphs as vehicles of emergent knowledge and software as conversation.

    Here is a centralized example a good treatment of concepts
    I would like something just like that to be an emergent global giant graph of connected dots connecting people into a Social Knowledge Network and more

    I think all the critical pieces that are needed are readily available today.
    People have been chipping away bits of this puzzle, for many many years.
    The key pieces are beginning to emerge together into a new level organisation like a with the prospect of facilitating confluence of many existing and future efforts at a higher level of autopoietic and allopoietic organization.

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